Andea was born from a mountain outside of Cusco with a very special cave. The water was a product of years of rain that would leak inside the mountain, providing it with minerals and different properties.

The product had an extraordinary quality but it had problems with its design since it would not reflect how good was the content. The client would use a generic bottle, naive graphic resources and a design that didn't help the product to stand out.

We decided to do a bottle that would be simply design but would still be very appealing. We choose a retro design in the bottle construction, with curved angels and a wide surface so we could work with it without any problems. While the competition played safe, using the same color every time (blue), we changed the mindset and decided to only use black ink. We took advantage of the letter A from the name and represented the mountain inside of it. To display the many properties that the water had, we made a simple design that would resemble a periodic table in order for them to stand out.
Photography :: Alex Freundt
Post Production :: Christian Vargas
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