Costeño Pops was born as a result of satisfying a need in the midst of the crisis by the pandemic two years ago. As a result of the closure of movie theaters and the obligation to stay at home, the consumption of series and movies on different platforms increased considerably. But the experience of being in the Cinema is not only for the movie, but also to enjoy the pop corn sold there because of its special flavor that you can't get at home. That's why Costeño saw the opportunity to fill that void and created a seasoning with the same flavor of the movie theater pop corn. They asked us to name and design the new product they were developing. We had to design it in a size as small as a condiment bottle, make it eye-catching, stand out at the point of sale, be visually fresh and bring charisma to the brand. A real challenge bit, when things are made with love they turn out great.
CGI :: Anderson Restrepo
Post Production :: Carlos Torres
Adidas Tribvte