All you need is love is a project for Maria Almenara, one of the most important pastry shops in Lima.
The project consisted of designing everything from the name to the final design of the ice cream’s packaging.
One of the objetives we had was to make them look premium but charismatic.
The idea began with highlighting the word love because since it’s part of the brand’s personality, we took advantage the playfulness that the font allowed us to create the sensation that the scoop of ice cream was on top of the cone, which was the letter V instead. When we had the final composition we decided to add it as a detail “all you need is” doing a reference to the famous song of the The Beatles. In conclusion all you need is a Maria Almenara’s ice cream to feel loved.
Photography :: Alex Freundt
Post Production :: Christian Vargas
all you need is love.
Raymi 12 pack