One of our favorite things to do at the studio is dig and discover powerful elements that brands may have, but sometimes don’t notice their potencial.
That’s what happened with Nastizol of Bagó Labs.
Along the years Nastizol has been a reference to treat of the flu symptoms. But as time went by the brand become outdated until it lost its presence in the sales area.
That is why in the brand analysis we found an element that was in the packaging but its presence wasn’t seen. We decided to rescued the little scarf to turn it into the main icon of the brand , in the main character of the packaging. The scarf besides of being a distinctive element has very interesting connotations like giving protection and warmth.
We humanize the packaging by putting them scarfs that represents the different presentations, this way we order the way of displaying the product and open the door to future presentations.
Photography :: Carlos Rojas, Alex Freundt
Post Production :: Carlos Torres
Mária Almenara
Sistema Solar