“Christmas Eve in Lima. Leonardo del Solar, the patriarch of the family, arrives at his old house accompanied by his current partner, Inés, who used to be his son Pavel's girlfriend. Edurne, also Leonardo's daughter, announces that she is pregnant with twins and that she needs an advance of her inheritance to raise them on her own. Puli, Pavel's son, a very observant 9-year-old boy, keeps a watch. From there on, the family gathering will turn into a succession of surprising revelations, mounting tension, and, perhaps, a reconciliation.” That’s how Señor Z describes their last film, were we helped with the design of the oficial brochure and posters.
Photography :: Alex Freundt
Post Production :: Charlie Moon, Christian Vargas, Iván Alemán
despite everything, a family.
the solar system.
Raymi 12 pack
Costeño Pops